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Thursday, April 29, 2010
Okay, so here's the scoop.
    I know that a few of my really loyal readers may check back here on occasion to see if I'm still alive, and, yes, I am. It's hard, really, to talk about my situation, right now. I'm very ambivalent about my life, at this point. So, I'm not going to talk about that. What I am going to talk about is this:

    Some of you who host blogs on Blogger probably already know this. What it means is that unless I go through their ridiculous process of redirection to their custom domain service, I will not be able to publish under my domain name anymore. I've been giving this a lot of thought ever since Blogger's announcement in February. I'd already decided not to avail myself of their custom domain service, but I wasn't sure how I was going to handle everything, otherwise. Tonight, I finally got the courage to migrate one of my blogs over to their blogspot server, which I used once before. The migration tool doesn't actually do what it promises, which is to ensure that when you click a link in the newly minted blogspot blog that points to another area within the same blog but carries the old url, it will easily and efficiently redirect these links. It does redirect them, but not to the link, rather to the index page. However, one thing I realized is that while FTP publishing may be turned off on May 1st, Blogger has no way of deleting what already exists on my domain server. Thus, I am going to migrate my blogs to blogspot urls the old fashioned way (which actually takes scads less time), not worry about links, and all the old material that was published and linked around before the migration will still be available at its old urls.
    I know it must seem that I've given up the ghost on this journal, and for some sections I have. I still have strong urges to publish about particular aspects of aging and caregiving, though, even though I've not been doing this online, just writing posts in my head. I plan to get going again. I will likely, in fact, start a new after-caregiving journal section to contain these posts. I'll make sure there is a redirection post when I do this.
    Obviously, many of the sections of this journal closed themselves off because they are finite in time. The only ones that I may update are In Sane Grief, Essaying the Situation, Movies, Mom & Me and, maybe, Caring. About Food. In the meantime, this post is notification that you can now find updates to this journal at Once again, if I decide to continue in a new edition of this journal, I'll include a redirection link here...well, at the blogspot version of this which is: Otherwise, all links should continue to operate, since the FTPed version of this journal will continue to exist on my domain server. I've also included "final" posts at each of the other sections of these journals, directing readers to the new blogspot locations.
    Maybe we'll be communicating again soon! Might be fun!
    Later, I think.
Gail, hi and thanks so much for your comments on The Tangled Neuron! I know the logistics of blogging can be a pain sometimes, but I hope you continue. You have a unique voice, and unflinchingly tell it like it is. It would be a loss for all of us if you go entirely quiet!

Take care of yourself...
Thanks for the info . I did not know this. I hate change. Hope I can figure it out. Take care. And Thanks again.
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