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Apologia for these journals:
    They are not about taking care of a relative with moderate to severe Alzheimer's/senile dementia.
    For an explanation of what these journals are about, click the link above.
    For internet sources that are about caring for relatives with moderate to severe
        Alzheimer's/senile dementia, click through the Honorable Alzheimer's Blogs in my
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7 minute Audio Introduction to The Mom & Me Journals [a bit dated, at the moment]

Saturday, March 14, 2009
Watch this. Dedicated to Toots.

    Thanks to Jessica Knapp and her The Good Death online journal for bringing this to my attention. Although I did not lose a child, I lost...and can relate...anyone who has lost, I think, can relate...
    ...enough said.
P.S.:  If you have trouble viewing this video, let me know, through comment or email. There were two choices of scripts, standard and premium. I chose the premium script but can switch, if necessary.

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