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Thursday, April 02, 2009
Palliative Care Grand Rounds Vol 1, # 3 is up...
...and it's a doozy! Talk about variety! It even includes music videos, a movie recommendation and a link to a zombie reinterpretation of Pride and Prejudice (click into the link in the post title, above, to find the reinterpretation). I'm excited that this carnival continues to develop into a force that underscores the colorful, fundamental applicability of the rather dry phrase, "Palliative Care", to everyone's lives.
    Yes, a post of mine was included, as well, even though I spaced this issue and forgot about the deadline for sending in contributions. I so appreciate being included; especially since I've been "away" quite a bit, lately. I've got a growing list of ticks in my constant-companion-notebook about posts I've been meaning to write...but I just haven't been getting back here, much, partially because I can't stop reading books, partially because I've become involved in a neighborhood opposition to proposed rezoning of a plot in this area, partially because I've been going through our overwhelming collection of movies with a so far fairly unsuccessful eye to thinning them out (as reported here) and partially because I continue to find the need to take large chunks of time to contemplate and negotiate Life without Mom.
    So, it pleases me to be able to redirect my readers to this month's edition of Palliative Care Grand Rounds at Jessica Knapp's journal, The Good Death. Visit. Enjoy!
    Later. I promise.

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